A Comprehensive Guide to Malibu Lighting Part

While your garden looks splendid with malibu lighting kits, the unfortunate may happen and you may need a malibu lighting part to replace. A kit may break or a part fails to work. Do not despair. Malibu have got you covered as they offer a range of accessories that are cheap, quality and easy to fix. The malibu parts are compartible with their kits and should not be a cause for your headache. This articles has researched parts available on amazon.com for malibu parts for your convenience. A detailed feature appraisal has been presented after the summary table.

Part Name Price Rating Purchase Link
Malibu Power Pack 120 Watt $$ VIEW ON AMAZON
Malibu Fastlock Cable Twist Connector $ VIEW ON AMAZON
12 Volt 11 Watt Low Voltage Landscape Bulbs (10 pieces) $$ VIEW ON AMAZON
Plastic Stakes (6-Pack) $$ VIEW ON AMAZON
11 Watt Pro Light Aged Verde $$ VIEW ON AMAZON
20 Watt Cast Metal Flood Light Fixture $$ VIEW ON AMAZON
Ground Spike $$ VIEW ON AMAZON
12-14 Gauge Cable Connector $ VIEW ON AMAZON
8150-9802-02 Wire Connectors, 2 Pack $$ VIEW ON AMAZON

Malibu 120 Watt Power Pack with Sensor and Weather Shield for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Spotlight Outdoor Transformer 120V Input 12V Output 8100-9120-01

The Malibu lighting 120 watt power pack comes with a sensor and an all-weather shield. This lighting part is made from plastic with a dimension of 4.7 inches in length and 3.4 inches in width and 7.5 inches of height. The malibu lighting part is used to power the landscape lights and can be placed outside or inside as you choose. It is made from material that withstands all severe weather conditions. When connecting to the lighting, it is vital that the total wattage of the lights be less than 75% of the power packs capacity.

I would choose this power pack anything as it can convert the voltage to a 12V safety level and is perfect for low voltage lighting option. It has a sensor for night and day and switches on and off automatically. The power pack does not need installation. It is a simple plug n play gadget. One can place the malibu lighting part on the wall or in the mailbox.


Malibu Low Voltage Fastlock Landscape Cable Twist Connector

The fastlock cable twist connector is a malibu lighting part for the Low Voltage Outdoor Light Category. It is a 2 – Pack Fastlock Twist Connector. The piece is easy to remove and to replace. The connector fits perfectly well with the 12 volt low power applications.


YourStoreFront 12 Volt 11 Watt Low Voltage Landscape Bulb for Malibu ML11W4C Replacement (10 Pack)

Landscape lights need bulbs and this malibu lighting part is vital for replacement when the one in use is out of service. The part is all new and unused at any time. It is tested and proven working for low voltage supply. It works well with the 10 pack malibu lights. I assert that it is a perfect choice for landscape lighting lights and other low voltage lights. The bulbs were designed for outdoor use and are guarantee to last a very long time. It is a genuine OEM part.


Malibu Path Light Replacement Plastic Stakes (6-Pack)

When the malibu plastic stakes become destroyed, you can replace them using this malibu lighting part. The stake is 3/4” male threaded part. The picture should correspond to the malibu light stake in your possession. Without looking exactly the same, do not buy this piece because they will not fit into each other. Malibu lighting part comes in varied shapes, sizes, and colour.


Malibu FastLock Twist Low Voltage Cable Connectors for Landscape Lighting 8101-4802-01

this cable connector are regarded as energy efficient as they have low power consumption capability. The malibu lighting part is compatible to the 16, 14 and 12 standard gauge cable. Go for this part any time because it is easy to install and allows cables that are separate to be joined into a single power pack as a shared source. Connector easily dismantle and join into each other especially for low voltage cable connections.


Malibu 8304-9105-01 11 Watt Pro Light, Aged Verde

This Aged Verde finishes malibu lighting part is an 11-watt compatible accessory. It is made from the die-cast metal construction that is very resistant to corrosion. The aged Verde uses the 11-watt wedge base bulb to make your garden alive ones again. Do not let your garden remain dark after dusk.


Malibu 8301-9604-01 20 Watt Cast Metal Flood Light Fixture

The fixture is a black matte finish for a malibu lighting part design. The fixture comes with the clear lens made of glass and supported with a die cast metal that is constructed to be corrosion resistant. With the fixture is the 20 watt halogen bi-pin bulb.


Malibu Sturdy Solid Ground Spike for Pathlight Spotlight Uplight Landscape In-ground Light Parts Metal Replacement Stake Diecast Aluminum Construction 8101-4820-01

the spike is well suited for landscape lighting and can replace any broken stake in your possession currently. It comes at a length is 8.75 inches and is made of diecast aluminium hence making the best replacement malibu lighting part for your lighting needs.


SRRB Direct Low Voltage Replacement Landscape Light 12-14 Gauge Cable Connector for Malibu Paradise Moonrays and More

If one is looking out for a connector which works simply, this malibu lighting part is the best option as you need not dig or replace the faulty wire. This part is durable, reliable and will serve your needs a very long time.

It comes with improved screw tight design where the connectors are easy to pinch when you want to loosen it. The durability is owed to the superior plastic used that will withstand all harsh weather conditions. The plastic nylon are dry resistant and thus serve better and longer.

Reliability is guaranteed when the cable connections remain for a long time. It has three piece screw that does not easily loosen.


Malibu 8150-9802-02 Wire Connectors, 2 Pack

The malibu lighting part with quick snap-on assembly with durable plastic is here for your choice. It comes with an easy wire for piercing the ground to stand firm and will last longer during all the weather conditions to come.


Malibu 45 Watt Power Pack with Sensor and Weather Shield for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting and Spotlight Outdoor Transformer 120V Input 12V Output 8100-9045-01

The power pack with 45-watt rating is an ideal malibu lighting part as a backup plan. The part has a sensor for automatic switching on and off during dusk and dawn times. The piece is made of plastic that lasts a very long time hence can be placed outside, on the wall or in the mailbox or inside the house.

In dimension is 3.9 by 3 by 6.5 inches. The malibu 45-watt power pack is best suited for low voltage landscape lights. It can power all ranges of the lumen and colored bulbs. It should be ensured that the connection of the bulbs does not exceed 75% of the 45 wattage rating. With the Malibu lighting part installed and working, the garden lights make your home’s lawn and garden beautiful and comfortable.