Brightest Garden Lights

Many times, people need brightest garden lights for perfect brightness. Me too. Brightness is a measure of the lumens used in the design of the garden by the manufacturer.

In case you are looking for the brightest garden light, go for LITOM 12 LED.

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I review here LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights and DBF Solar Lights Outdoor and a number of other options that compete with LITOM 12 LED in terms of brightness. Read on…

LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

Without a doubt and as of now, the LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights is the brightest garden light available.

This garden light is super reliable and efficient compared to other 4×6 LED lights that are available in the market.

In addition, the solar light is waterproof hence ideal for day-to-day use as they come equipped with a 18650 lithium battery that is rechargeable hence extends its working time.

LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights, IP67 Waterproof Solar...

Why did we like it?

We individually like the LITOM 12 LED for the brightness. But we like it more and specifically for being energy-efficient as it uses solar to power its lights in your garden.

If you choose this LITOM Landscape Spotlights garden light, it will impress you most.

On another perspective, it offers versatility and comes with practicality both during design and function-wise.

It is something I find fascinating about the LITOM Landscape Spotlights which is something amiss in other models for the same price range.

I prefer it as it is made with heat-resistant technology.

Listen to/read this, each LITOM solar light has the capability of generating 600 Lumen.

In view of the reasons, I enlisted above, the LITOM Landscape Spotlights becomes a whole unit of powerful enough garden light for your home, porch, pathway, patio, garage, or yard.

You deserve this garden light.


Going further, the lights are easily mounted on a wall or on a pole and fixed on the ground. This allows illumination on any part of the exterior building premise.

If you need a wide area being shown with lights, the LITOM Landscape Spotlights have a wider 120° lighting angle and are flexible and can be adjusted up to 90°, further enhancing flexibility and adaptability.

The LITOM Landscape Spotlights automatically detect the change in brightness of its environment and is able to switch from energy storage mode to lighting mode in low light situations.

Lastly, we like and recommend these unique LITOM Landscape Spotlight as it is a low-profile light which runs from dusk till dawn without requiring manual intervention that helps to change the lighting mode.


  • Longer working time
  • Ease and flexibility in installation
  • Multiple brightness settings
  • High-quality lighting


  • Lacks motion sensing

DBF Solar Lights Outdoor

The second spot falls on DFB Solar Lights Outdoor. I find the DFB Solar Lights Outdoor one of the supremely versatile unit that allows one to make a choice from among 9 modes dependent their lighting demands.

In case you are out to create a fancy landscape within your garden, or to decorate your patio, garage, I would recommend the DFB Solar Lights Outdoor.

DBF Solar Lights Outdoor, Upgraded 18 LED Waterproof Solar Spotlights...

Why we liked it

DFB Solar Lights Outdoor has an in built light sensor which automatically comes on when night falls and goes off at dawn.

After you have fully charged it, DFB Solar Lights Outdoor can light up your preferred outdoor location up to 8 hours.

The DFB Solar Lights Outdoor has provisions for double coverage when compared to traditional garden light products. It lights up a stretch of 33 feet enough to power a whole compound with few light pieces.

It is easy to wall mount it. You can fix it on the ground without additional tools. It comes with 9 different modes that have 7 unique lighting color modes.


  • Offer two times more light coverage
  • Great for creating color themes
  • Comes with a built-in light sensor
  • Dual placement options


  • Difficult to remove